What We Do

A list of services our fabrication shop provides includes: carpet binding, decorative wide binding, serging, carpet fringe, seaming, carving, beveling, custom insets, fabric and tapestry borders, carpet borders, logos, reducer edging, and carpet base. We can make various forms such as rounds, ovals, octagons, odd shapes and custom sizes to fit your space. Click on a service to the right or scroll down the page to view more details.


The following is a list of the types of binding and finishes we have available:

Standard binding

We have a wide selection of polyester binding tape to match any material. This is our most economical option. Polyester binding can be perfect for synthetic materials, carpet base, or mats.

The standard polyester binding we keep in stock


Serging is when yarn, either wool or nylon, is wrapped around the edge of a carpet. This gives any piece of a carpet a sleek, finished look. This style of finish is best for wool or woven goods. We can serge by hand or machine.

The standard nylon serging yarns we keep in stock

Reducer edging

Reducer edging is mainly used for commercial applications and on entry mats to create a small slope. We have several options for colors and styles of reducer edging.

Wide Binding

Cotton and Linen are the most common material for wide binding. Wide binding can allow for more design flexibility because any type of fabric, leather, color, or pattern can be used. The width of the binding can be customized. Wide binding is durable and appropriate for any kind of carpet. Wool and woven goods do well with a wide binding.

The following are examples of wide binding options we carry:

3” wide cotton binding
Wool and Polyester Wide Binding
5” Cotton Wide Binding


Leather Binding is a durable and stylish option for any area rug, or runner. We have a wide selection of real and faux leather to choose from in our showroom.

Textured Leather
Distressed Leather


We can apply fringe to any style of carpet. We have many options to choose from; here are a couple examples.

Carpet Borders

This service is for clients who want to create a custom rug with a carpet field and a carpet border(s).


Carpet base is carpet that runs around the base of a wall. It is usually about 5 inches wide and is generally only used in commercial applications.


We can repair a carpet by replacing old binding, replacing the backing, or cutting off the damaged area and re-binding it. No appointment is necessary. If you have a rug that needs to be repaired, bring it to our location and you can get a quote on site.


– Rubber backing works best for rugs that will go on top of a hard surface like wood, tile, or vynl flooring.

– Non slip backing adds slight cushion for rugs going over existing carpet, this can work on hard surfaces too. It can be attached or loose laid.

– Non slip rug pads are cut separate for a loose lay. This fourth of an inch thick padding has one rubberized side to keep your rug from moving.


Beveling is a way to give a rug dimension by carving it. This technique is most appropriate for edges of thick or shag carpet. It works well for creating a border, outlines, or accentuating a design. Here you see a relief pattern in solid cut pile.


We make logo mats and carpets by inlaying your design into a field of carpet. We sell all materials in our showroom, and would love to work with your from the design conception to the final product. We can also work with material that you already have.


We have the expertise to cut and bind any stair runner. Please note, we do NOT install stair runners that were not purchased through our showroom.